10 April 2018

Asemic Maps /2018

Maps are both looked at and read – mapping is a language. These are Asemic maps. Asemic writing has no semantic value and involves no codified system of marks: it looks like writing but cannot be conventionally read. These look like maps but the information they carry is oblique.
11”x16”, archival pigment prints, edition of 12, available for purchase.

21 December 2017

14 December 2017

notation drawings

Autumn 2017
graphic sounds
drawings on paper with various kinds of ink..

 "the sound of a small activation"


 "the sound of it floating downstream"

 "letter to wind"

 "eddies / brush practice"

 "voice practice"

 "sonic malfunction"

"the sound of it moving through snow"

30 July 2017


A selection from an on-going series of drawings that use letter and number forms as visual elements. Ink, acrylic and marker on polyester film.
11"x14" each. 2017

Black and White Poems

A selection from an on-going series of visual poems, many using cloud forms with indications of text - clouds have as many moods as people. 
Ink and acrylic on polyester film. Each one is 12"x9". 2017

Summer Plans

A drawing in 6 parts / ink and acrylic on architectural plans. 11"x14" each. 2015-7

Line Poems

This is a selection from a large series of drawings that use arrangements of black ink lines to suggest poems. 2016. 12"x9" each. Ink on drawing paper.


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