06 April 2015

split-level pomes

Considering the split between words and images, reading and looking, thinking and experiencing - does anything remain level for long?

This book is a visual meditation on split levels by way of pomes. A pome is a dyslectic version of poem – or is it a typographically erroneous home? Either way, the pages consist of drawings and words, lines and letters, a few abstract comics and asemic diagrams. Daily news, unavoidable, slips in behind the scenes.

9” x 6”, 140 pages
hardcover: $20 : http://tinyurl.com/natstla
softcover: $16.00 http://tinyurl.com/nmmjblx

13 March 2015

melting snow comics

on the pier - as snow
melts -
drawings appear....

24 February 2015

untitled collage comic

yellow acrylic and ink on papers / 2015

15 February 2015

words travel

abstract comic in this issue of Central Booking Magazine:

03 February 2015


a series of digital prints about weather --

after snow

snow and ice

ice map

predicted storm

the next day

24 January 2015

scrap collages/ January 2015

...playing with scraps for the pleasure of seeing what turns up (collage of printed papers, small.)

19 January 2015

refried comics

at http://curatingcontemporary.com/# 
the exhibit 'chill zen funk & twang' curated by David T Miller