12 September 2016

0 - lots

O Lots (Un Foreign)
a re-book: pages from a stamp auction catalog, drawn on with ink and re-bound.
10.75” x 8.5” 20 pages

 exhibited at ABF at PS1, NYC via The Center for Book Arts. 2016

05 June 2016


digital drawings / prints 


( tide /sky )





30 May 2016

ADDS, a visual book

Writing and drawing use similar gestures to create visual fields for the eye to see and the mind to read. Make a mark and add another: this is a basic procedure and I use it here with different colored markers.  Seeing precedes reading. Systems and games come about through patterns and repetitions, which introduces rules. Broken rules are not the same as spontaneity - but is this always apparent?

available at Amazon ($25): http://tinyurl.com/hjjtvhv


02 January 2016

at the end of 2015 ...

...digital collages, 13"x13"and 19"x19". an untitled series.

There were so many gray days at the end of the year I escaped into color again.

09 November 2015

AGNI Magazine #8

O-range, my recent abstract comic, appears in Agni #82, along with 2 related essays.

Best Comics of 2015

"Briefly before Dawn", first published in Central Booking Magazine, has been included in "The Best Comics of 2015"

15 October 2015


8” x  10”, 22 pages

edition of 6, each semi-unique

             Ingredients: vowels, mono-prints, digital prints of used press-type sheets, rubber stamps.


          Making rows of linked figure 8s down the page in grade school penmanship class - the anxiety of fucking it up – compared to later, drawing linked 8s in the margins anywhere, doodling. The particular feel of that repetitive gesture became embedded, became an outlet for anxiety, an aid to concentration. I see now that penmanship - (which I hated - no, I hated the stress) - was actually a practice in concentration like tennis:  stay there on the page with your eye on the ball but relaxed, not self-conscious, alert. Attention drifts for a moment  and you lose it. To achieve that quality of supple attention the whole body must be brought into play… 
           I always had a drifty mind. “Daydreams in class’ scrawled in red on report cards.

           Rolling black ink on a sheet of plexi , writing / drawing into the wet ink and printing it – shades of  blackboard. The schoolroom blackboard of Practice: write the letter ‘a’ fifty times. Punishment: I will not talk in class, fifty times. Fifty was a significant number. Performance: who can write the right answer on the board? Diagramming sentences. Physics. Geometry. Blackboard was a thinking board,  erasures were the poetry of it. 
          The connection between writing and thinking for me became drawing.

 On display at Key Projects, in the exhibit: "Image worth reading" - October 2015

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