24 May 2015

how are you / i am fine : postcards

These postcard sheets invite the game of picking favorites, but beyond this is the concept of postcards as small gestures of communication – acknowledgment of heres and theres…  Instead of pictures of actual places, these are invented visual scapes, extracts and abstractions, reality replacements….  The images are like romantic flings, brief affairs that accumulate without responsibility. The demands aren’t rigorous but opportunistic making it possible to say certain and uncertain things briefly, and move on. I send you my postcards, I slip you my postcards…

set one:

 set two:
misc DETAILS: 

each set is 22"x34" / archival pigment print
3 sets

06 April 2015

split-level pomes

Considering the split between words and images, reading and looking, thinking and experiencing - does anything remain level for long?

This book is a visual meditation on split levels by way of pomes. A pome is a dyslectic version of poem – or is it a typographically erroneous home? Either way, the pages consist of drawings and words, lines and letters, a few abstract comics and asemic diagrams. Daily news, unavoidable, slips in behind the scenes.

9” x 6”, 140 pages
hardcover: $20 : http://tinyurl.com/natstla
softcover: $16.00 http://tinyurl.com/nmmjblx

13 March 2015

melting snow comics

on the pier - as snow
melts -
drawings appear....

24 February 2015

untitled collage comic

yellow acrylic and ink on papers / 2015

15 February 2015

words travel

abstract comic in this issue of Central Booking Magazine:

03 February 2015


a series of digital prints about weather --

after snow

snow and ice

ice map

predicted storm

the next day

24 January 2015

scrap collages/ January 2015

...playing with scraps for the pleasure of seeing what turns up (collage of printed papers, small.)