21 December 2017

14 December 2017

notation drawings

Autumn 2017
graphic sounds
drawings on paper with various kinds of ink..

 "the sound of a small activation"


 "the sound of it floating downstream"

 "letter to wind"

 "eddies / brush practice"

 "voice practice"

 "sonic malfunction"

"the sound of it moving through snow"

30 July 2017


A selection from an on-going series of drawings that use letter and number forms as visual elements. Ink, acrylic and marker on polyester film.
11"x14" each. 2017

Black and White Poems

A selection from an on-going series of visual poems, many using cloud forms with indications of text - clouds have as many moods as people. 
Ink and acrylic on polyester film. Each one is 12"x9". 2017

Summer Plans

A drawing in 6 parts / ink and acrylic on architectural plans. 11"x14" each. 2015-7

Line Poems

This is a selection from a large series of drawings that use arrangements of black ink lines to suggest poems. 2016. 12"x9" each. Ink on drawing paper.

08 July 2017

TAPE / visualpoems, diagrams & (a) few words

TAPE / visualpoems, diagrams & (a) few words

on view at Poets House Annual Showcase until August 12 2017. 
Available on line for $20 at:

12 June 2017

ZINC ZANC ZUNC, an asemic conjugation

...If zinc is a verb, how does it function? 

This is a graphic novella with asemic writing,

published by Post-Asemic Press.


..."GAMMM" invited me to do an online book, so I raided my files put these pages together...

It is a free download.


May 2017


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