25 November 2012

29 October 2012


(ink on paper, scanned and 'booked')

19 October 2012

comic rip

digital print/ 2012. 14x22 inches.

17 October 2012

asemic calligraphy - triptych

chinese ink on gold paper / 8.5" x 11" each page

17 September 2012

"an unauthorized account"

Continuing to be intrigued by the language of abstract forms and by the possibility/ impossibility of  narrative, I found myself entrenched in this project called "An Unauthorized Account." It will have several iterations based on the same imagery. Since it is 'unauthorized' who can determine which is the definitive version? So far it exists as a commercially printed book and as a book-collage, unique piece. Eventually it will be a video and perhaps even an abstract wall-comic with gigantic speech balloons. Or even tiny ones. 

black and white. 9”x6”. 56 pages.

"An Unauthorized Account" is a graphic novella with asemic writing. Asemic writing has no semantic value but that doesn't make it useless. This visual  narrative is domestic, indeterminate and subliminal.

hardcover/ dust jacket: $20.00
 paperback: $15 / temporarily discounted to $12.

Book-collage / unique piece. 32 pages, 5.5" x 6" / NFS

05 September 2012


For these collage-drawings I used ripped-up proofs of some of my published books and pencil, which I pasted into a stripped down kid's book, the kind with cardboard pages. Making it was a little summer vacation using unstructured and open-ended time... It's small, about 5"/ 26 pages.

28 July 2012

COLD SUMMER (series of prints)

(digital prints on 11x14" hi-gloss)

19 June 2012

notebook pages - cooper union

Copper Union, a few blocks from where I live, has an annual end-of-year student exhibit in architecture as well as fine arts. I gravitate toward the architecture here, appreciating the sanity of craft,  order and patience - I myself could never make these models. They look like game boards - minus the pieces. They appeal to the love of miniaturization. They are not, as far as I can tell, trying to ‘slip me their postcards’. They are what they are, not made to appeal to me but to fulfill other obligations. Therefore I can approach them freely. Photographing them is a great pleasure - spending time looking, composing through the lens, ‘stealing’ their souls — and the place is silent, without distraction. My camera is point-and-shoot, I’m not on assignment,  thus every year I see differently… Here, the language of scaled models and the language of plans - blueprints and instructions - intersect the language of a weekday afternoon via a camera...

click here for the PDF

16 June 2012

13 June 2012

see 'seesongs' at Printed Matter

You can now see "Seesongs, a workbook" by Rosaire Appel at Printed Matter / 195 10th Ave. / NYC.
This is a book of asemic music, available also through Amazon.


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