09 November 2015

AGNI Magazine #8

O-range, my recent abstract comic, appears in Agni #82, along with 2 related essays.

Best Comics of 2015

"Briefly before Dawn", first published in Central Booking Magazine, has been included in "The Best Comics of 2015"

15 October 2015


8” x  10”, 22 pages

edition of 6, each semi-unique

             Ingredients: vowels, mono-prints, digital prints of used press-type sheets, rubber stamps.


          Making rows of linked figure 8s down the page in grade school penmanship class - the anxiety of fucking it up – compared to later, drawing linked 8s in the margins anywhere, doodling. The particular feel of that repetitive gesture became embedded, became an outlet for anxiety, an aid to concentration. I see now that penmanship - (which I hated - no, I hated the stress) - was actually a practice in concentration like tennis:  stay there on the page with your eye on the ball but relaxed, not self-conscious, alert. Attention drifts for a moment  and you lose it. To achieve that quality of supple attention the whole body must be brought into play… 
           I always had a drifty mind. “Daydreams in class’ scrawled in red on report cards.

           Rolling black ink on a sheet of plexi , writing / drawing into the wet ink and printing it – shades of  blackboard. The schoolroom blackboard of Practice: write the letter ‘a’ fifty times. Punishment: I will not talk in class, fifty times. Fifty was a significant number. Performance: who can write the right answer on the board? Diagramming sentences. Physics. Geometry. Blackboard was a thinking board,  erasures were the poetry of it. 
          The connection between writing and thinking for me became drawing.

 On display at Key Projects, in the exhibit: "Image worth reading" - October 2015

(Press Rappel)

12 October 2015

best comics 2015

"briefly, before dawn' first appeared in Central Booking Magazine in 2014 and is included in Best American Comics 2015.....

3 works in Image Worth Reading

"Image Worth Reading" is a four person exhibit at Key Projects in Long Island City, NY
October 2015

"only one day" mono print on mulberry paper / set of 5 prints, 16.5" x 13" each

"practice (vowels)" a set of 5 mono prints on mulberry paper, each 8" x 16.5"

image worth reading - exhibition.

Please join us on Saturday, October 10th, 2-4PM for our next exhibition. 

All the best,
Patricia Zarate & Lynn Truncale
Image Worth Reading

Rosaire Appel, Nina Katchadourian, Rose Nolan and Richard Schwamb

 October 10 - 25, 2015
Opening Reception October 10 , 2 - 4 PM
Key Projects is pleased to present Image Worth Reading, a group exhibition on  text-based art featuring Rosaire Appel, Nina Katchadourian, Rose Nolan and Richard Schwamb. Investigating and exploring how language can be represented visually, the artists in this exhibition incorporate and arrange specific text or words to create a visual art. The exhibition will include drawings, prints and photography. 
Rosaire Appel explores the visual sound of words and letters by drawing the same phrase or letter repeatedly. Appel is attentive to the shaping of the lettering which she must formulate in the reverse in her monotype prints. Nina Katchadourian’sSorted Books series takes found language from the spine and front cover of books to create colorful, rhythmic and sometimes humorous readings. Rose Nolan extracts concise words and statements from the vernacular, emphasizing the familiar and strangeness found in language. Richard Schwamb reconfigures idiomatic expressions to create poetic word play. 
About the artists:
Rosaire Appel’s work is situated at the crossroads of looking and reading / words and images. It takes form in digital prints, drawings, photographs and books. Some of her books are abstract comics and/or asemic writing, others use photographs, drawings and invented music. Her most recent book is split-level pomes. A ‘pome’ is (perhaps) a dyslectic poem. 
Nina Katchadourian is a visual artist who works in a range of media, including photography, installation, video, sound-based work and public projects. She has been included in group shows at MoMA/PS1, the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, and the Palais de Tokyo, and has had solo exhibitions at such institutions as the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, the Turku Art Museum and the ArtPace Foundation for Contemporary Art. Her 10-year retrospective exhibition All Forms of Attraction at The Frances Young Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery at Skidmore College was nominated for best monographic exhibition by the Association of International Art Critics. She has collaborated with Creative Time, SculptureCenter, the Public Art Fund, and Wave Hill to present several public projects in New York. Her work was included in the 2015 Venice Biennale’s “Armenity” exhibition, which won a Golden Lion Award for the Best National Pavilion. She is represented by Catharine Clark gallery in San Francisco.
Rose Nolan was born in Melbourne, Victoria and lives and works in Melbourne. She has exhibited widely nationally and internationally since the 1980s. Recent solo exhibitions include Why Do We Do the Things We Do, Artspace, Sydney, and Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, 2008; Work in Progress #3, Ian Potter Museum of Art, University of Melbourne, 2008; The Solo Projects, Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Melbourne, 2011; Performance Architecture, Anna Schwartz Gallery, Melbourne, 2013; and Immodest Gestures and Irrational Thoughts, Anna Schwartz Gallery, Melbourne, 2015. Selected group exhibitions include 21st Century Modern: 2006 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art, Art Gallery of South Australia; Forever Young, Heide Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne, 2011; and Contemporary Australia: Women, Queensland Art Gallery/Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane, 2012. Nolan is represented by Anna Schwartz gallery in Melbourne. 
Richard Schwamb is a visual artist based in Brooklyn, New York. He attended UCLA and Art Center College of Design. His exhibitions include: “Beautiful Burnout ArtJam” with Underworld and Tomato at the Jacobson Howard Gallery, at Tonic as part of SoundLab Cultural Alchemy's “Thermal Dynamic Writers Project”, at Fun in conjunction with a performance by AGF/Vladislav Delay as part of a video presentation curated by Howard Goldkrand, “Lifeboat” Artist Initiative Art Basel/Containers/ Postitions in Miami, curated by Mary Mattingly and Paul Middendorf, Real Estate, Ventana244, Brooklyn, NY, curated by Peter Soriano and Philippe Richard (Collaboration with Kate Shepherd and John Zinsser) and “Mary Jane®” with Kate Shepherd at the Kate Shepherd Studio. He has also written for Artbyte magazine and curated “Three Films by Alfred Leslie” at Chez Bushwick. His work was featured in Idea (Japan) No. 337 : Tomato:Underworld "Formgiving", by John Warwicker.
Key Projects   
4129 41st Street #2G, Long Island City, NY 11104 
Hours: Saturday & Sunday 1 - 5 PM and by appointment.
Additional information contact: keyprojectsartspace@gmail.com

28 September 2015

watching / taxi

...every so often I delve into video again, it's like a vacation - or a hobby.  Collaging video clips and adding a sound track, it's labor intensive since I don't know the software well, but the process is engaging....

01 June 2015

Fit to Print

Fit to Print / 2015
A letterpress chapbook 
by Barbara Henry, Rosaire Appel and Amanda Deutch
printed and published by Harsimus Press, Jersey City, NJ

Preface: Every morning we wake up and read The New York Times. Shifting through pages where stories are split to fit the layout, we experience more than just an information exchange. Words and images naturally reconfigure, contexts change, the news is malleable rather than static. Our pages here are the result of chance meetings between our imaginations and the printed news.

24 May 2015

how are you / i am fine : postcards

These postcard sheets invite the game of picking favorites, but beyond this is the concept of postcards as small gestures of communication – acknowledgment of heres and theres…  Instead of pictures of actual places, these are invented visual scapes, extracts and abstractions, reality replacements….  The images are like romantic flings, brief affairs that accumulate without responsibility. The demands aren’t rigorous but opportunistic making it possible to say certain and uncertain things briefly, and move on. I send you my postcards, I slip you my postcards…

set one:

 set two:
misc DETAILS: 

each set is 22"x34" / archival pigment print
3 sets

06 April 2015

split-level pomes

Considering the split between words and images, reading and looking, thinking and experiencing - does anything remain level for long?

This book is a visual meditation on split levels by way of pomes. A pome is a dyslectic version of poem – or is it a typographically erroneous home? Either way, the pages consist of drawings and words, lines and letters, a few abstract comics and asemic diagrams. Daily news, unavoidable, slips in behind the scenes.

9” x 6”, 140 pages
hardcover: $20 : http://tinyurl.com/natstla
softcover: $16.00 http://tinyurl.com/nmmjblx

13 March 2015

melting snow comics

on the pier - as snow
melts -
drawings appear....

24 February 2015

untitled collage comic

yellow acrylic and ink on papers / 2015

15 February 2015

words travel

abstract comic in this issue of Central Booking Magazine:

03 February 2015


a series of digital prints about weather --

after snow

snow and ice

ice map

predicted storm

the next day

24 January 2015

scrap collages/ January 2015

...playing with scraps for the pleasure of seeing what turns up (collage of printed papers, small.)


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