23 December 2013

holidays --

holidays : may everything come together    for everyone    in some satisfactory way…..

20 December 2013

"briefly, before dawn"

A two page abstract comic published in Central Booking Magazine:

11 December 2013

winter light...

photos from a moving train…. November 2013

04 December 2013

68 exchanges / a collaboration

These exchanges took place in the summer of 2013 between Rosaire Appel and Peter Ganick, via email and hard-copy snail mail. The materials are laser prints plus markers, pencils and pens. All of the pages were digitally re-interpreted. The book can be read in any direction, the front and back are reversible, the spreads can also be read on their sides. The book is not locked into a single presentation.

142 pages, black and white

paperback, $7 : http://www.lulu.com/shop/rosaire-appel-and-peter-ganick/68-exchanges/paperback/product-21253373.html;jsessionid=F385E28C8A81AAD80AB8B98F61788698

hardcover/ dust jacket, $18: http://www.lulu.com/shop/rosaire-appel-and-peter-ganick/68-exchanges/hardcover/product-21280949.html

09 November 2013


letterpress workshop / center for book arts / nyc

Most of my work is digital but this week I went back in time and tried out letterpress printing because I wanted to see how it works, what's involved - and how it fits in with the history of printing....

03 November 2013


Incident 4:30 is included in the current exhibit at the International Print Center of New York (www.ipcny.org)  508 West 26 St. NYC
opening reception November 7, 7-9
through November 30th

Everyone is welcome!

20 October 2013

some books

accordion book of ink pulls (summer 2013)

Rival Connections / a thick, laser print accordion book with hard covers (on view at Central Booking Gallery, NYC)

an unauthorized account / re-purposed cardboard kid's book with laser prints (currently on view at the Center for BookArts/ NYC)

04 October 2013

"Something about e"

actual spread from an imaginary book
(digital print)

25 September 2013

"LIMITED ACCESS" by Rosaire Appel

100 pages, b&w, text and images. 
I've been thinking about language and architecture - not intellectually but on the page. This book is the result of that. 
hardcover ($22) and paperback ($12) 
(paper: http://www.lulu.com/shop/rosaire-appel/limited-access/paperback/product-21101075.html)

15 May 2013


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