24 November 2018


In this book, both story and locations are disturbed - interfered with - disarranged. The result is a sequence of pages that are like rooms unhampered by customary furniture through which a non-verbal story is woven....
This is a colorized and edited hardcover version of my 2016 black and white book: Manual of Disturbances.


20 October 2018

soundtrack/s (2018)

Branching / with luggage (2018)

Dustjacket softcover is at Printed Matter:


This is a visual book with words.

Branching is a connective process of linear expansion. 
Luggage is carried from place to place. Language, could be considered as a branch of luggage....

In this book photographs of branches have been complicated by language, which is baggage trying to pass as luggage.  
The content packed into this luggage is domestic, scientific and political - nothing is folded neatly, it's all jammed in among  branches, which remain unaffected by it.

19 October 2018

Connect Here (2018)

Connect Here

“Connect here” is a riff on how the world attempts to connect with us by getting into our pockets, mouths, bloodstreams and minds. Rosaire Appel is a book artist and writer known for her lively abstractions and meditations on pattern and movement.
4 color risograph printed, spiral bound with transparent cover. 44 pages. Edition of 100.

I couldn't find it either (2018)

I Couldn't Find It Either/ artist book/ summer 2018
A scavenger hunt through an abstract comic; you can easily get lost in this colorful, double-sided circular drawing, which includes a short text. Folded drawing / book, printed on both sides, pigment print and ink. 11×8 inches closed / extends to 64 inches, printed on both sides, Edition of 12. $400

available through:

10 April 2018

Asemic Maps /2018

Maps are both looked at and read – mapping is a language. These are Asemic maps. Asemic writing has no semantic value and involves no codified system of marks: it looks like writing but cannot be conventionally read. These look like maps but the information they carry is oblique.
11”x16”, archival pigment prints, edition of 12, available for purchase.


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