24 May 2019

Any Afternoon....

"Any afternoon" ink and digital on Mylar, 18x25" / 2019
part of my sound drawing series / asemic music


05 May 2019

Dearest, correspondences

Dearesttransforms email scams about money into poetry about human desire by way of erasure. Both the original and the transformation are presented on facing pages. These emails were accumulating in my junk mail box until I transferred them to my raw materials folder which I open in idle moments. These missives, these attempts to get something from someone for nothing and the language they use – is it intentional, or is it the result of a translation algorithm? Do these promises of money ever hook anyone? Erasure brings out another layer, no less desperate. The search for connection continues -- for better or worse.

Available online at http://www.lulu.com/shop/rosaire-appel/dearest/paperback/product-24024189.html
At Printed Matter, NYC https://www.printedmatter.org/catalog/53114
At Aeon Bookstore: https://aeonbookstore.com


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