27 March 2012

"Taste's Last Skrap"

One morning I found a Sotheby’s catalogue from 1981 languishing on the curb, in the sun, abandoned. I picked it up - it’s the kind of used paper I use for brush practice. After filling the pages with ink gestures, I ripped it up, the scraps scattered on the floor. I thought they were dead but as I gathered them up they came back to life. “Taste’s Last Skrap” is the recatalogueing of the fragments of those used pages.

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25 March 2012

"half the time"

(archival digital print, 16x20", 2012)

22 March 2012

"asemic maifun"

(Asemic writing is writing that carries no semantic value.)
Cooking maifun rice noodles one night I noticed a similarity between the thin brittle noodles and marks made by a pen. I took some noodle shards into the backroom and photographed them on a scrap of black paper. Then, as if the photos were negatives, I 'developed' them in photoshop. The result: 'asemic maifun'.
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14 March 2012


an abstract comic with asemic writing

09 March 2012


digital drawing


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