12 January 2010

As The If And

The challenge of mixing words and images (both abstract/ used abstractly) is getting them to touch or bounce off each other, getting them to interfere with each other's boundaries, getting them to trample or jump over the border between their separate rooms. Not the familiar redundant translation/ illustration gambit, not mirroring each other, but animating each other. I was thinking about this as I was making 'As The If And'.
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  1. very nice work! and that shocking "the end" page 23 :)

  2. Okay, first an apology. I so didn't get this over at Abstract Comics. I must have missed a key link to Scribd, where the whole multi-page work is. The first page by itself didn't live up to (for me) the observation you were making in the lead-in post -- but the whole work DEFINITELY does. So, sorry for my bad reading practice.

    This is really compelling. The words seem like the love child of e.e. cummings and Gertrude Stein -- cryptic and yet full of meaning in their transforming reiterations. And the words do inter-animate the images in ways I find hard to articulate. I am struck by the productiveness of "limits" in this piece -- a limited set of words, a limited color palette -- and yet, the play within those limits yields so many interesting permutations. I'm definitely going to be returning to look at this more.



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