26 August 2010


A digitally printed, limited edition,  foldout book of  sixteen folds with red covers, entitled: Say When.

three (out of eight) spreads:


  1. That looks really, really good.

  2. I like the swirling, agitated sense of movement in this flowing narrative. The asemic writing adds a confusion, an edginess to the already unstable imagery. The structure is interesting to me, with the large panel above and smaller below (I love the little vertical that starts the whole thing); it's a bit hard to imagine how it'll look with folds. I really like the red covers, with images top and bottom. Altogether very wonderful.

  3. "Say, When?" Say when you've had enough? Say when and we'll
    turn. Say when and I'll meet you there. Just say when and I'll....

    Love the title. When is so definite and vague at the same time. The
    answer always lies in the future, some anticipation involved. That's
    why we turn the page.

    There's a lot of reference to the body in these frames--fleshy pink,
    red. Or is this me? I've been reading Kundera's essay On Francis Bacon.

    This book seems small and a container for so much energy and strength. Can't wait to see it in person.


  4. Really Amazing work, congrats!



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