19 June 2012

notebook pages - cooper union

Copper Union, a few blocks from where I live, has an annual end-of-year student exhibit in architecture as well as fine arts. I gravitate toward the architecture here, appreciating the sanity of craft,  order and patience - I myself could never make these models. They look like game boards - minus the pieces. They appeal to the love of miniaturization. They are not, as far as I can tell, trying to ‘slip me their postcards’. They are what they are, not made to appeal to me but to fulfill other obligations. Therefore I can approach them freely. Photographing them is a great pleasure - spending time looking, composing through the lens, ‘stealing’ their souls — and the place is silent, without distraction. My camera is point-and-shoot, I’m not on assignment,  thus every year I see differently… Here, the language of scaled models and the language of plans - blueprints and instructions - intersect the language of a weekday afternoon via a camera...

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  1. I see a relationship with your abstract comics in the way this work is constructed, with its mix of plans and models and actual spaces, all sliced and diced and rearranged into a new entity, far beyond everyday reality. It's more of a subversion of ordinary seeing.



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