08 June 2012

"rifts" / digital print / 16x20/ may 2012


  1. This has the frantic energy and dislocation of a construction zone. I love that you can get so much into a black and white print, so that it has the intimation of color.

    Is the title and your name part of the print??? because it looks like a book cover.

  2. thanks Altoon. the title isn't part of the print, just there for identification but now that you mention it maybe it's distracting.

  3. Perhaps just call it Rifts, putting the details at the bottom of the print; also signing it below in one corner? My question is, is it a photo, a sketch or what, that you are able to print out? I am letting everyone know today that I do not like proving I am not a Robot - it is offensive being often unnecessarily difficult to figure out!



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