28 March 2013

Idiot Pages - 2013

Last summer, taking a break from digital creations, I made dozens of drawings  on 20” x 26” papers using ink or pencil or charcoal or marker. I also drew on a large whiteboard and photographed it before erasing.  The pleasure of simply making marks on paper is, well, idiotic. Without reason. The repetition of hard short attacks, or quick sweeps, dashes, punctuations -- the experience is more physical than visual. The major impetus for this project was a desire to resist the urge to make images, or patterns, or suggestive scribbles – to resist the urge to communicate. I began to think of them as energy fields.

“Idiot Pages” is complied from these drawings. Since the actual drawings are large, these are details. The book is a record or reminder – a souvenir from a summer of mark making. 

6"x9" black and white 182 pages
paper: $18
hardcover: $22


  1. They are.
    Very interesting, what you say about the purpose or motivation - what have you done with the actual drawings on paper?

    1. Ravenna, they are in my flat files, too many to look at, and I have a really strong desire to continue these this summer... sameness and difference - and not knowing.
      by the way, I think we've been at many of the same gatherings & I hope we identify each other sometime soon!

  2. Really, beautiful. Not idiotic. Playful and intuitive.



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